HACNS is a parent run cooperative nursery school. Along with four to five parent helpers each day our wonderful director, Cocoa Drake leads our school in a variety of fun activities creating an environment filled with fun and learning.  Our program is play based, with an emphasis on community building and imagination.  

tunnel play

Daily activities include

  • Science exploration
  • Gardening
  • Building with blocks, play-doh, moon sand, and other manipulatives
  • Playing with friends
  • Riding bikes and scooters
  • Swinging on swings and climbing on the play structure
  • Art and creative expression through a variety of media
  • Imaginative play and dress up
  • Stories and plays
  • So much more! 

Benefits of Cooperative Nursery Schools

Build a community for your family that extends beyond after-school hours and vacations and into your child's school years. Co-op nursery school bonds last a lifetime. 

Provide continuity and reassurance to a child and parent as you make this early step together out of the home and into the school environment. Parental involvement in the school makes the experience easier and the environment more nurturing for all the children in the school. 

Expand your awareness of children's varying temperaments, behaviors, and needs. You will learn (or be reminded of) valuable lessons about childhood by interacting with other people's children as well as your own. Your child will benefit from observing you interact with other children and form their own bonds with other caring adults through their daily interactions in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. Schools also provide parental education activities and additional learning opportunities. 

Act as a stress valve and support group to other parents and families. The other parents in the cooperative are great supports to each other, especially during a time when many experience feelings of isolation or desperation (or a lack of perspective and humor) at some point during their child's preschool years. 

The low cost is especially important to city families who know raising children in San Francisco can be very expensive. Because parents are responsible for most of the work required to operate the co-op the tuition is a fraction of what other preschools cost. Scholarships are also available. 

HACNS is a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS), a state-wide community of families and educators. It promotes active partnership between parents, teachers, and children.